Superheroes Teams and their Mottoes

Team 1 "Green Dragons"

teacher Valentina M
counselor Lovsan

motto "Summer is here, let's give a big cheer"

Team 2 ""Sportive & Active"

teacher Valentina A
counselor Yuliya

Sportive& active
Come with us
Don't be afraid
Sportive, super,
Strong and slim,
Active, ambitious,
Adventurous team
Say S, say A.

Team 3 "Guardians of Spiritus"

teacher Balzira
counselor Lyuba

Hands on your hips,
A smile on your lips,
Spirit in your heart,
We're ready to start.

Team 4 "Nightwatch"

teacher Gela
counselor Elza

Powerful North
Protecting the Earth
Fire is stunning
Winter is coming.

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