Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sport Day

Our teachers and counselors have prepared wonderful tasks for nine stations outside. Much fun, laugh and fresh air are necessary ingredients for learning English and enjoying the summer.

The stations were Balloons, Bumps, Caterpillar, Crossing the River, Electric Chain, Kangaroo, Net, Train, and Tunnel.

MY GREAT THANKS TO      E L Z A, SuperCounselor!  


  1. Sport is life! In my opinion, all the sport exercises are very helpful for teambuilding! And teambuilding helps us to develop so many different skills like, for example respect of privacy, sence of responsibility, etc.

  2. I do agree with Altana. One of the best options for learning how to work in a team is sport. Sport pulls children together and makes them more friendly

  3. Sport is very important in our life. Sport helps people to keep in good health!