Monday, June 30, 2014

Sport Day (from Esen)

On the sport day we wanted to win,but other teams played very cooool  too . I like it)))))

Fashion Day (from Esen)

I liked fashion day because on that day we have done many different costumes and we smiled a lot of time!!!. I  think that everybody was cool and great!!)))

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Goodbye, Camp (from Angira)

So, today we must say goodbye to our camp😔

must say goodbye to our teacher and conselors😓

all lessons were great! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Closing Ceremony

A long-anticipated meeting at the karaoke-bar has been wonderful! There was much fun, singing, dancing, performing and enjoying music and English.

Each team invited the others to join their dances and songs.

Art and crafts words (from Angira)

We have learned many new words on the "arts and crafts" lessons. For example : cub, plum, tangerine...

And now, we remember all lessons and sit in karaoke

Fashion day

Fashion day was great👏👏
Our team present very colorful costumes. Our teacher and consular helped to us. Thanks for "Spiritus incorporated " .Angira was "balloon girl", Gilyana was "newspaper lady", Angelina was "frozen lady" , Dafna was " phenix woman" . Other teams present great costumes too. For example: team 1(green dragons) present - Joker, Batwoman, Wolverine , etc. 

First event about team 4

 Team 4's performance was very interesting .I like their costumes👍
P.s Marina

I admired team 4's dance. Their dance was remarkable. The shield was interesting and very colorful.
P.s Lera

Don't like fight, but I was impressed by fighting scene of team 4's
P.s David

Collective opinion of team 3

Friday, June 27, 2014

My Great Thanks

My greatest gratitude to my student Zayana who has spent -I hope! - marvelous time as my substitute!

I had the opportunity to take photos of six various stations during the remarkable 'USA tour'!

Sunny NarnSun Says Goodbye

It's the symbol of our Access School and Summer Camp. We say goodbye to our camp ground. Thank you!

Guess who...

Pictures from Arts&Crafts lessons:

Latest and Last Scoreboard

More Photos Added to Older Posts

I've added some new photos to some previous posts, e.g., about Ars &Crafts.

Around the USA: Basketball Quiz

Team 1

Around the USA: Map Quiz

Team 3

Around the USA: Supershield

Team 4 showing letter O in VOA

Around the USA: Baseball League

Team 2

Team 3

Around the USA: Memory Check

Team 4

Around the USA: Pop-Star

Enthusiastic Team 4 Night Watch

Around the USA in One Hour

One of the traditional activities in our Summer Camps!
Each team received the running schedule on the sheet of the colored paper, e.g., Team 2.

Compare with the previous years:

2011 Dream Valley
2011 Godric's Hollow
2011 (teen blogger)
2009 (England)

Angira's Post

Angira has published her posts, but they aren't here; that's why click these links!

First event


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fashion Show: Photos

Altana B from Team 1 "Green Dragons" has sent some of her photos:

Superheroes from Team 1

Superheroes from Team 1

Balloon Girl from Team 3


Lessons for Bloggers

The campers composed several posts, some were being published during the lesson.

Some promised to publish after the lessons!

About Fashion Time (from Team 2)

The easiest to create costumes were demonstrated by Teams 4 and 1.

The hardest to create costume were shown by Team 3.

The most exact costume was in Team 2.

The funniest costume was in Team 3.

The best costumes were prepared by all teams.

The best-dressed team was 4.

The most diverse teams were 1 and 3.

The Superheroes Team was Team 1.

Collective opinions of Team 2

About fashion show

The easiest costumes to create were team 4
The hardest costumes to create were team 3
The most exact was Wolverine team 1
The funniest costume was dress team 2
The best costume was fairy Dasha  team 3
The best-dressed team was team 4 with Greek Gods costumes
The most diverse team was team 2
The Superheroes team was team 1
Collective opinions by Team 4 (Night watch)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lessons of Music

The campers enjoyed singing traditional American songs:

Stronger and stronger


Lessons in Life

Lessons of American Studies

The campers have explored the 50 states of the US, the USA symbols. The kids and teens spoke about cowboys and superstitions.

Lessons on Arts and Crafts

Team 1

The campers demonstrate their creativity at these lessons. They have produced  origami eagles, certificate holders, garbage art gallery and creative coloring pictures so far.

Team 3's Certificate Holder

Lesson on Famous People

At The Narn-Sun Times lesson the campers were offered a VOA clip from the Skype session on meeting famous people. We were discussing the importance of listening to various accents and different opinions from the whole world.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Before Fashion Show

Would you like to go back to the earlier Summer Camps and compare the fashion shows? Click the links below:

2013 Mismatch

2013 Eco

2011 Magic

2010 Mr&Miss

Score Board Again

Board Games

Team 1 wasn't numerous, but lively and energetic. They were playing 'Word Up' and 'Scrabble'. Those word games are challenging but fascinating.

Scrabble online

Compare: how we played 'Word Up' at the last Summer Camp. Click here.

'Extraordinary' Lessons

Speaking about peers was exciting. Three extraordinary USA teens have inspired our campers to do something for their own communities.

Team 3 at the Narn-Sun Times lesson

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Access School Blog

Click the link at the top under the name of this Summer camp: 'Elista Access School' and you'll go to one more blog with the links of the earlier camps.

School Blog

'Standing' Lessons

I offered the campers to become superheroes and spend the lesson standing! At the end of the lesson I asked the kids and teens to guess the reasons. Some expressed a bit closer opinion.

My promised links:

Standing helps stay healthy! (Click 'Standing')

Is Spiderman a vigilante? (Click 'Spiderman')

Additional links:

Amazing Spiderman 2

About Spiderman

Friday, June 20, 2014


Speak English.
Work hard.
Help the teammates.
Be calm, polite and respectful.
Keep working.
Be positive.
free public domain clipart

Talent Show

One of the main events of each summer camp is Talent Show.

Each team consists of supertalented campers.

 Thanks a lot for your independence (Team 1), courage (Team 4), English (Team 2) and sparking dance (Team 2)!

Team 4
The Amazing Snow White and Three Dwarves
Team 4 "Snow White"

Team 1
Master of ceremonies
Guitar playing
Team 1


Team 2
Masters of ceremonies
Guitar playing
Pictures of Team 2

Team 3
Master of ceremonies
Break dance
Dombra playing
Team 3 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Score Board 3

The leader is still the same: Green Dragons.

Fire Alarm for Instruction

After lunch there was a 'mock' fire alarm. The whole school managed to complete the task successfully.

More Lessons

A snapshot from the VOA videoclip reminds of our discussion at the lesson.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I'm still adding some photos to the older posts. Go back and check!!!

Classroom Doors

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Cowboy Day: stations

Four counselors, two teachers and the manager organized the seven stations.

Team 3 horses

Team 1 lasso

Team 1  cows near mountains

Team 3 climbing horses

Team 1 shooting

Team 4 tower

Cowboy Day: performances

The campers prepared dances and whole performances. They were wearing checkered shirts, jeans, bandanas and hats.

Team 3

Team 4

Team 1

Team 2