Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lessons on Arts and Crafts

Team 1

The campers demonstrate their creativity at these lessons. They have produced  origami eagles, certificate holders, garbage art gallery and creative coloring pictures so far.

Team 3's Certificate Holder


  1. Gilyana M
    What could be more enthralling than doing a creative work! It helps them to develop an extraodinary thinking and their motor skills.

  2. I am eager to join them and remember that wonderful time of doing everything we want and surprise adults with the bright creativity!

  3. In my opinion, children are interested in this lesson and you was pleasantly surprised of their's creation. Another important point that they got deep delight of it. And one more, share photos with us)

  4. I think the campers do it step-by-step and they should try their hand at everything and doing this they have a breather !

  5. It is extremely important to have such a creative work with children. I think it is intresting and pleasant way for a lesson.