Monday, June 30, 2014

Sport Day (from Esen)

On the sport day we wanted to win,but other teams played very cooool  too . I like it)))))

Fashion Day (from Esen)

I liked fashion day because on that day we have done many different costumes and we smiled a lot of time!!!. I  think that everybody was cool and great!!)))

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Goodbye, Camp (from Angira)

So, today we must say goodbye to our camp😔

must say goodbye to our teacher and conselors😓

all lessons were great! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Closing Ceremony

A long-anticipated meeting at the karaoke-bar has been wonderful! There was much fun, singing, dancing, performing and enjoying music and English.

Each team invited the others to join their dances and songs.

Art and crafts words (from Angira)

We have learned many new words on the "arts and crafts" lessons. For example : cub, plum, tangerine...

And now, we remember all lessons and sit in karaoke

Fashion day

Fashion day was great👏👏
Our team present very colorful costumes. Our teacher and consular helped to us. Thanks for "Spiritus incorporated " .Angira was "balloon girl", Gilyana was "newspaper lady", Angelina was "frozen lady" , Dafna was " phenix woman" . Other teams present great costumes too. For example: team 1(green dragons) present - Joker, Batwoman, Wolverine , etc. 

First event about team 4

 Team 4's performance was very interesting .I like their costumes👍
P.s Marina

I admired team 4's dance. Their dance was remarkable. The shield was interesting and very colorful.
P.s Lera

Don't like fight, but I was impressed by fighting scene of team 4's
P.s David

Collective opinion of team 3