Thursday, June 26, 2014

About fashion show

The easiest costumes to create were team 4
The hardest costumes to create were team 3
The most exact was Wolverine team 1
The funniest costume was dress team 2
The best costume was fairy Dasha  team 3
The best-dressed team was team 4 with Greek Gods costumes
The most diverse team was team 2
The Superheroes team was team 1
Collective opinions by Team 4 (Night watch)


  1. Gilyana M
    I think, that the most important thing was that each team tried to be the best! Anothar important point was that children were very creative in making their costumes!

  2. I guess, that one important concern would be that all the children were so ingenious in their competition.

  3. It should be noticed that those fashion show was impressive,even multi-cultural.
    As for team,they are absolutely inventive and creative.It's a pitty that i didn't see fashion show. I think, you should share in photos on this website.

  4. It gives children a say!It provides an opportunity to share their mind!

  5. I think nowadays even children tend to be fashionable.What I like about this show that it gives campers an opportunity to show their design skills

  6. I would like to be there and I think that at the end wins a friendship))And everyone was out of this world after the show!!!

  7. Children need to prove yourself that they are talented and gifted in any cases!)